Honda Dominator – “Lola”
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Lola The Dominator- Apocalyptic Dream

Lola is owned by a cool musician who likes to do things his way. His music is loud, his bike is fast and all that was missing is a bit of custom touch! Here is when we come in…


The dream was to make Lola a Zombie Apocalypse Escape Bike, and we think she looks pretty good in that attire! It’s like she was made for it! (Well, she kind of was…)


Finished in army green, black wheels with twinduro tyres on, great slim CG125 tank and beautiful brown seat, she already looked gorgeous! But we couldn’t stop there…


We added exhaust silencer and wrapped the exhaust, then added seat matching custom handlebars, customized brakes and brake hoses.


After we put on a custom plate holder and sweet looking speedster from Motogadget, plus 42mm Mikuni flat slide carburettor. She looks INCREDIBLE!


Lola is the perfect machine! She is rough, she sounds good AND she is customized by Armadillos!


We didn’t want to let her go but staying in is not in her nature!